A Special Time.

Thursday Morning, I woke up to check out my phone for alerts. Yes, alerts… I receive a message asking about my availability for a phone call I had been expecting since Monday. I’m like hmmm… I mean it was a continuation to a series of texts discussing the best time to pick that call. Recently due to the change of operational methods the freedom to pick up phones anytime anywhere was reduced to work calls only. This means that picking calls is usually an impossible task. Considering the odd operational hours and the start and end of every workday.

So here I was having a very uncomfortable call I was concerned that the person on the other end would feel like I’m dodging all this. I was not. Did I say it was a very important call? On one of those days, I was free to call but he wasn’t. So we considered doing this call in the morning. I want to share how God sets things in motion for His people…

He suggested 0630hrs… And I suggested 0730hrs. This was a difference of about 4 hours between receipt and response πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Nobody’s fault – Though I have a feeling it’s mine. Thats how busy and tight life can get. But I think it was night time. The reason I suggested 0730hrs is because that’s usually my office devotion time (Personal Devotion). I would adjust myself to receive that call because it was as highly private and personal as it could get. πŸ˜’ 0630hrs wouldn’t work for me because at that time I’m usually enjoying my sermon in the matatu on my way to work. However I was willing to adjust and actually had adjusted and would be leaving home earlier so that 0630hrs would get me at work and I would receive it there. 0730hrs wouldn’t work for him because he would be ministering at Morning Glory at that time πŸ˜•… See how tight it was for me?

Thursday morning – after texts sent through at wee hours of the morning went unreplied (It was my fault, who replies to texts at 0200hrs anywayπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ). I decided to leave the house earlier than usual so that I could be at the other end of public means at the office to receive that call at the office in a more private setting. But after walking all the way down almost to the ground floor… I realized I had left my identity documents. I hadn’t transferred them from my gym bag since last night’s session. I was so angry at myself and I ran up those stairs in a huff, 3 steps at a time, opened the door angrily and went in search of my docs.

You’re almost guessing right… That phone came through right after I recovered the documents and put them in their rightful places. Call took another 30 minutes. Initially my panic was I wouldn’t make it to my private place to receive that call. Now the panic had transformed into traffic eating into my devotion time at the office. I have never taken such a short time on the commute to work at a sensitive slot within rush hour like I did on that day! I made it to my devotion earlier than usual, and he was within schedule for Morning Glory on time.

Here is the thing… As I’m growing spiritually, I am learning that nothing just happens. Nothing! This situation reminded me that God is with me. He’s making ways for me where there seem to be no way! Waymaker!!! Even in situations that I would assume that He is not there, or He isn’t concerned about. Some encounters and experiences are God’s way of helping us to manoeuvre through situations. At this level, I didn’t have to pray and say, “God please find me a time to speak to my brother” my prayer was different… “Lord please find a solution, guide us through this situation…” I did not take my forgetting my documents for granted. Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t have made it to the office. Again, the morning was already taken by God’s agenda. Here, we both were in His will and walking with Him so tight and closely that He had to create a way for us in His own way. Its all God’s time but there are specific times set apart for fellowship with Him. Morning Glory was God’s time and my Morning Devotion at the office was God’s time. Clearly, that was not to be interrupted.

Thus says the Lord , who makes a way in the sea And a path through the mighty waters,
Isaiah 43:16

We’ve heard of many situations where someone was left by a bus and their life was saved just like that… among many other encounters. A girl just happens to cross your paths when you’re very single and deep in a “spouse search”. It’s not coincidence brethren, it’s God the way maker making ways for us across, around, through, situations!! This is the God who make the wheels of the best chariots – with the best soldiers – with their best and top captains of the Egyptian Army, get stuck/ break apart/ fail in the middle of a divided sea’s dry ground eh… Then Bam! Drowned in a second! Israelites 11: Egyptians 0

Allow God to make a way for you. Synchronize yourself to His frequency and that’s how He will make a way!

A Special Time.

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