Sparks: Anger & Wisdom

The mind of him who has understanding (A discerning Heart) seeks knowledge and inquires after and craves it, but the mouth of the [self-confident] fool feeds on folly. Proverbs 15:14

It’s one thing to pray about something and it’s a other thing to work towards getting it. Like praying for Wisdom & Understanding📚. Part of it is reading. Two things I have been studying this week are anger and ways of the foolish. They got me researching relating real life scenarios (Reference: Boniface Mwangi UnBounded). Ways of the foolish is deeper but in this perspective I picked out the parts related to utterances (I talk too much)😲. But sometimes I am not sure if I am talking right or taking sense… So I questioned myself & as I focused on getting more understanding & the wisdom trickling in from God. I realize that actually, what I think, I know… I really don’t know. & the more I try to know, the more the need to know more comes in… Like the more you read, the more curious you get. Long story short… Those wondering if I am okay, because I am too silent nowadays… I realize that I really don’t know. (Blog in the works)

This is broad… But I referred to J Melgosa’s – Developing a Healthy Mind to remind myself on that human perspective of anger & aggression. (I am wondering what people are fighting for/ insulting each other for)🤔 Then to get God’s say about the issue. I am so angry at so many things & so many people, at so many levels. I shudder to think how bad it would get in my line of career. It’s understanding that enables me to deal with this characteristic that holds my spiritual progress. Then! As a country, WE THINK we KNOW enough but we really don’t know (From the leaders all the way to the citizens). We are angry at each other, we are angry at ourselves, our situations (To an extent we forget they are temporary). The extremes of anger & foolishness are DISASTROUS! Again I peruse Unbounded and on it are results of angry people – CHAOS! Then I think to myself, if only we knew😕
But we should not worry for God has it under control & gives us clear guidelines on how to deal with this. We just need to OBEY him!


Sparks: Anger & Wisdom

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