Blaze Kenya – BYOB Thika Summit.

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The Blaze Thika summit brought back a few memories of the National Music Festivals from back in my day. I have never moved on! The excitement, the energy, the color, and the crowds of young people full of life. The event held on Friday last week was a part of a series of summits by Blaze Kenya.
The Blaze Summits have been organized in a way that young Mentors in different fields travel around the country mentoring youths between the ages of 10 – 26 referred to as BLAZERS. This is only a part of the package of the benefits received by being a Blazer & subscribing to the Blaze Network. A Blazer is a youth on a road that is not taken, beating all odds to be top of the game in their fields and do what they do with a passion beyond measure. It’s all about being different! Many institutions were on location for the Thika Event that saw more than 3000 blazers from around the central region of the country attending and representing this vibrant generation. Among the institutions represented were; Mt. Kenya University, Thika Technical Institute, Zetech College, Nairobi Technical Training Institute, Kirinyaga University, KMTC Embu, and Laikipia University – Embu Campus. These summits are also the platforms via which auditions for the BYOB TV show coming soon happen. Here you get the chance to pitch your idea, and participate in a show where your exciting business idea will allow you to be taken through a series of challenges giving you an opportunity to be funded and mentored to get your idea to the next level.
Creative Arts Zone: Create Your Dreams.
Music Zone: Listen To Your Heart.
Technology Zone: Be in Control.
Social Enterprise Zone: Think Beyond Yourself.
The mentorship bit had 11 Spark Pod Sessions, or zones where Blazers learnt & interacted with their mentors in various interest fields and 1 overall Zone hosted at the Dome where everyone converged for motivational talks by the Mentors. Below are the Pods where the mentorship happened. These Pods were; Photography Zone, Agriculture Zone, Technology Zone, Social Enterprise Zone, Job Market Training Zone, Music Zone, Creative Arts Zone, Media and Journalism Zone, Finance Zone, Fashion Zone, & Business Zone. The Blazers would then check off a form under each zone visited and then move on to another pod. The mentors on the other hand would give their stories, followed by tips and challenges along the way to the top in their various careers. After the lunch break, where the Blazers had the chance to redeem their Bonga points for food and other merchandise, the Blazers assembled in the Dome, or Main Arena where they listened to select speakers from various industries followed by entertainment. The Speakers who got to address the Blazers at the main event included Anita Nderu – A News Anchor, TV presenter, Emcee and Youth Mentor, Karis – A comedian, Radio personality and Artistic Director, Mutua Matheka – Photographer, Rabbit aka King Kaka – Street Rapper & Business Entrepreneur, Sharon Ng’ang’a a TV Presenter and Motivational Speaker, and Wilkings Fadhili the CEO of Fashion Torch, among others.
Job Market Training Zone: It’s Been Reserved For You.
Agriculture Zone: Grow Your Mind.
Photography Zone: Freeze Time in Pictures.
Fashion Zone: Own Your Image.
Mo Sounddid not disappoint with the sound system and media tech on the day, neither did DJ Kalonje and MCs Timmy Tdat and Mwalimu Rachel. The food served was amazing and the event was well organized. The security (a major issue in events lately,) at the event was above average & well managed as I noted, and there were several CCTV cameras at specific positions within the grounds in addition to the policemen & guards on ground. There were games also that included a laser maze and an experience on Hover Boards. Those who wanted to get tattoos got the opportunity as well as artists trying it out on a board on location. For a day that started with low temperatures and heavy, low clouds lasting most of the day, it was an incredible, fun filled, memorable and well educative event for everyone in attendance and a one of a kind, networking platform.
Business Zone: Direct Your Energy.
Finance Zone: Be The Person You Imagine.
Media & Journalism Zone: Write Your Own Story.
There is more to learn about Blaze Kenya here, as well as the Blaze Be Your Own Boss –BYOB and BYOB Summits. Be there for the Nakuru Blaze Event on 15thJuly at the Afraha Stadium, for a day packed with mentorship, entertainment, gaming, and networking.
Blaze Kenya – BYOB Thika Summit.

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