The Gratitude Challenge. – Accepted.

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My circumstances cannot allow me to perform that – no ice, no water (We get water once in two days), but I have a lot to be thankful for, and the gratitude challenge is more like it for me. I tried to summarize it to fit in a SM post but I couldn’t make it. So I decided to write all my drama until I get bored…
If you are willing to read till you get bored as well, you are welcome, I will thank you later…

It will be anonymous. Those who get to read it will know where they are placed. There is no need to know them personally, but I am grateful for every single role everyone played in my life.
I am thankful for being alive today. I have been through a lot. Stinging nettle didn’t kill me, salt overdose in high school didn’t kill me, I never drowned at the pool, the KPLC logs at training didn’t kill me, bullets didn’t kill me, the heat didn’t kill me, hunger didn’t kill me, jumping from a moving truck didn’t kill me, I am still strong, I am grateful I am still alive… I didn’t feel that paragraph. Nkt!
I thank my parents for bringing me to this world. Nurtured me, took me to a good school, gave me a good foundation and sacrificed a lot to see me through high school. (I am a form 4 graduate) ahem. I thank my dad for introducing me to the world of books, I am sorry I lost your treasured Readers Digests. But, that passion has grown in me and it is still in me. Mum too for playing your role in switching off that TV, the encouragement to this day and the prayers. God always hears your prayers. I could write a whole novel to thank my parents. I am this because of how they brought me up. The vicissitudes I have taken you through, will pay off someday. I am working on it. Thanks for the travels… A LOT!!!
My schoolmates at my first primary school, thank you for allowing me to scoop the cleanest boy every term. Ahem. To my second primary school. Everyone was awesome. It is where my dream to fly was nurtured. The admin ensured we read set books at an early age. I still love reading and writing to this day. I met great friends who I am still in touch with. Some great clowns like the one who called me today to ask me what is the relationship between a good p and a good face. After my crazy lecture, he went ahead to say let me get you off speaker now! Like really Who does that!!!
My entire high school life. Awesome. You introduced me to hockey – well done. You introduced me to Music festivals – well done. The trips I travelled courtesy of my tenor. My oh my. The exposure I got, the people I met. The naiveté I eliminated… Aviation Technology, well well. My lecturers on that one – Well done. The people I met in high school doing awesome things in the country right now – well done and keep that up. The Doctor and the KQ Pilot who pulled me towards the deep end and got me screaming for dear life at the slope – well done. Were it not for you I wouldn’t have had any interest in swimming. The scouts who created a ghost post for me to travel with them and attend camps – well done. I still love traveling. Hmm, the opportunity to play cricket and make Ass. Captain of the team – LOL. That was well played. The alumni – thanks for the encouragement every one of you is moving mountains everywhere – Inspires me every moment. The Aviation class of ‘06 you are pulling me so hard to those skies I am afraid of passing straight to outer space. Keep doing what you are doing.
RC Kirinyaga in its entirety, the exposure and the experience was awesome. Team coffee and mandazi at quality after volunteering, great ideas exchanged – well done. My first employer – thanks for the opportunity. Learnt a lot that one year. Money is not everything I learnt. Contentment comes first. I saw progress and that kept me going. Thanks for introducing me to real estate as I knew it then.
The government on behalf of the people of Kenya for allowing me to serve in the Kenya Airforce. Determined to pull this aviation dream off. Thanks for the exposure, the lessons, the challenges, the priming, and for fuelling it further. Everything military & related. I am still learning much. The world owes you a giant cookie. – This is the entire blog cannot exhaust the experiences…
My friends. This I will be sued for leaving some of them out. The clique at school – that corner, the music festival clique, the scouts clique, the bench at church clique, the pool clique, the vibing* clique, the letter writing clique… etc Thanks for making my life awesome.
The Kimuri Clique… You listened to my crazy stories at Wacuka’s bench while watching the moon – may God open doors for you. That computer geek – I still cannot imagine I used to show you a few things computer before you became what you are. Great path you took.
The UON clique, you know yourself, you exposed me to life that I haven’t experienced yet and I am thankful, those night brawl, bloody street fights, sweet talking cops at central police, dancing and screaming voices hoarse to My dream is to fly on table tops… that was good life.
The Nakuru Clique a whole new perspective of life that I respect greatly. Lots of fun and all. Doing crazy things thanks for the exposure.
The entrepreneurs in my life. Business life is always good and it has taught me much. You need to go an extra mile to achieve the extra things in life.
The clowns who make my life awesome in the most weird of ways. You need prayers before I proceed, a can of Guinness and the highest quality of Miraa on me. Life is crazy and always stress free around you. The troll currently under a sleeping bag on the softest part of a dried river bed somewhere in Merti – Isiolo. Life would be boring without you guys.
The other clown in Afmadhow*. Thanks for initiating me to risk. Who would have thought we could escape boot camp for chicken, fries & ice-cream. *shivers*. What if we got caught! – Thanks & may God bring you back here in one piece.
My friend who is always there to invest in my most risky of projects, she believes in me greatly. I am grateful – I still owe you bigtime.
The family that housed me in nice places and offered me good life for close to three years – I owe you big time.
The church, for moulding me. My God father, youth members et al. Thank you
My brothers, final stretch to priest hood, thanks for the prayers – God see you through that journey.
My visionary brother who ensured we did not talk of online freelancing until we grow grey hair. Thanks for the inspiration and the support.
My sailor friends. You are incredible. You made me discover sailing – the little I got, before I knew how to fly. Those two months of 2014 will always be an epic part of my life. I had fun and it was awesome.
My swimming instructors here. MAB & LAB I have gotten a bit rusty but I am grateful for the skills, I will be getting back to action soon.
The pilots at Kenya Airways! Oh – the Inspiration. I will die trying. I will however keep stalking you on flight radar. I know we don’t talk much, but you keep doing your thing. In a complicated way it works magic this end.
The Aerospace Engineer. You too. Inspiration. Thanks
The Aeronautical Engineers – I will combine this – you at Delta and you at Kenya Airways – I did some risky things that worry you much, but I will not let you down – I am grateful for the much I have got from you. You have also made me laugh so much in the past few days. Thanks
That charming lady I opened a Facebook account for her cousin & we became friends. She had to feature here. Enough said. Thanks.
My friends of the other gender.
From experience I know how you treat men. All extremes. Please note the use of the terms girlfriends. Yes girlfriends. Anybody who is not a man and is my friend – ha ha. You deserved a mention too.
I should wind this up now…
Sestre’s you are clowns too. Thanks for the laughter and the drama.
The remarkable lady who sold me my smart phone in 09 after training, after all the drama (wait for it in a Military series) … we are still tight friends. Thanks for everything.
My two-week relationship LMAO – *coughs* This, was a good one. Thanks for making my personal Guinness Book of Personal records. I hope to make a good story of it someday. Kriscalf Exposedis based on personal scandals anyway.
Can we agree that I should pull another gratitude nini when I remember some of these things?
I think I am done for now…
You! Visionary Brother, thanks for nominating me for the gratitude challenge.
To you for reading this to this point. Please check the boring box below and I will thank you three and a half times J
The Gratitude Challenge. – Accepted.

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