Inmate – Part One

Jail, I
Ever imagined if life was perfect, we would be dead already. I mean, we would have already achieved all we wanted and we would all have wished to go to heaven or wherever. I do not fear talking about this thing – death by the way, so brace. So when soundtracks in different lingua surround my ears on how I do not look, like the kind to pull some stunts and evil schemes, I really pity the lot that hold that part of me in that high level of regard. (At this point I don’t know if its Chris speaking or if it is Brian Speaking). However, that’s CB. I have never wanted to hear that am good. Because I am not. Or part of me is not. Again, I do not need to keep compelling people of the wellness of this being. I did the most contemptible deed when the judgment was made and the sentence was read. I smiled. It was the biggest most sheepish grin I ever pulled in my arrogance line of disposition. Why did I smile? I saw it coming. I had expected such a judgment and I knew I would not be going home that day. My plan was fitting perfectly into position.

I will not go into the details of the crime I had committed or the crimes I had committed, since it will involve naming all the people who I rubbed in the wrong way and those who have it against me in all this. The go-getter, the don’t care, the courageous and sneaky I, never allows people to cross his path and this is the reason why we are where we are today. Did that sound like a threat enough? So I was sentenced to imprisonment. You heard it right. Somehow, I convinced them not to cuff me because I gave them the best kitty eyes I could ever pull and sweetened my vibe to the extent of convincing them I was okay with this. My judge probably did not see the smile on my face but the rest of the bench saw it and they were to comment only that they were not given the chance to do it. I always expect the worst in life ever since I figured my plan C was a total flop. If I take the whole dirty responsibility, you will think I am lying so I will try put the important bits. This was the fastest case ever in history.

I got arrested on Sunday 1st around 2pm, remanded for like 4 hours, and after recording my statement with the police, I was released on bail. I enjoyed my public holiday with my sister after a church mass at 8am – Which reminds me… Holy Family Minor Basilica closes their gates and do not allow people into the church until its mass time. For a church always, asking the congregation to pray for “The Church” it was the worst stunt by the leaders involved. Who closes the church gates? It’s the peoples refuge, Security reasons or not. Therefore, after church it was my sister and I up and down town in various business locations – I was orienting her to the business. The week rushed on and I was served with summons for my hearing on Thursday after an exhilarating Air Force at 50 celebration under special invitation on Wednesday the 4th. On Friday would be the D-day. I never thought people would respond when I asked for my books on social media for this journey I was going to take, but the text flow was impressive and I traced most of my books. I knew what the judgment was gonna be and I would be needing my books in jail. It is tough dealing with my kind of criminal because, they weigh the losses and the profits of the actions before “messing”, before undertaking  the most crazy of risks. Now there was a little bit of miscalculation on my part on my last stunt and this kinda acted against me though it made no major difference to the overall plan. So Friday the 6th my case was heard by a panel of 2 judges and 2 overseers and my heavily armed escort.

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, the exact details will not be disclosed, but I arrived at the designated D.O.C facility in the evening of Friday 6th.

Inside my mind I was at my most excited moods since it is as if I had been wondering how this would be. Many at times when I marveled at Wentworth Miller’s acts on Prison Break, I imagined how my life would be, if I was in such a position and the changes I would make in life. So all these scenes from Fox River Penitentiary, Death Race, Sona, Alcatraz, OZ, and Guantanamo came flooding through me and the thought of my life in jail was really, really electrifying.

To be continued…

Inmate – Part One

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