Military Sports Day.

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I am high, high on endorphins that have probably come as a result of the occurrences of the past few days. In fact, as I flashed my Id at the gate as I walked in an hour and a half late, I was thinking how life is suspect. I couldn’t believe that life was going as smooth as it was. I don’t know if its contentment or its just tired I am of this. If I was to describe what I feel, it would probably be that feeling that a child has when they are double hugged by their parents, it’s that feeling you get when you are in the arms of your loved one (the very first days of a new relationship kind of thing). That feeling you get within the first 10 seconds of the hug before insecurities start crossing your mind, its that happy and “oh Yes” feeling when you were starving and you got yourself a meal. Its that feeling you are so sure its going to lead to something unpleasant. Yes… Something unpleasant in like you are living somebody’s else life. It cannot be expressed enough with words so quit the suspense you put yourself through trying to feel what I am feeling and forgive me for trying to do so.

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Yesterday was our college’s annual sports day and it was awesome. As usual I love being at the end of the runway. That meant watching the bellies of the big jets at close quarters which is not an ordinary thing especially for enthusiasts. The day started off with heavy fog and that’s why I never got to enjoy the jets as usual. That was short lived since in no time; I was working on a hobby that I have been trying to improve – Photography.

Take Off, Cloudy Day

That I realized is in me since as a lover of sceneries, I would love to get better memories of the scenes that I visit. This also confirms that both hobbies – travelling and photography are genuine since they relate. I spent the entire day around the technical bench (where I appreciate the ‘special’ treatment and mentorship that I was accorded by those present) & walking around the field events taking photos, both for fun, to improve my photography skills & for business as well. It was great, especially the part that I got free lessons from the professional photographers that were covering the event. I am grateful. I should probably mention that, I was to take a photography course but Electrical engineering came first & I got to postpone the photography course. Lesson emphasized by experience was this; when you hold on tight to your passion, you get to meet the people in your filed who have been sent there by nature, or you have been sent there by nature to be guided along that path to your purpose. I didn’t mean to be philosophical, but even the people that I wouldn’t say we get along so well in my job were there trying to help me out here and there.

Anyway, the day got on well and at the end of the day, we had a big party where we got to mingle with each other (juniors & superiors) on a less strained level. We had a prize giving ceremony and everybody went home happy.
I went home and was so tired. I never had a reason why that was the case. It was a wise decision I made to take a shower at work coz it helped me big time coz all I needed was to cook and go to bed. However, I never cooked coz I got lazy. It rarely happens. I had a visitor who had a cold and as much as she likes teasing me and the supplements I sell, I still got to make us a concoction to cure her cold. I had to escort her by having a cup as well as I forced her to take it. It was made up of ginger, cinnamon, lemon and garlic sweetened with honey the all time natural antihistamine. It’s the only thing after swimming (an hours plus non stop & beyond) that makes me vibrate. Somehow it drove me crazy and after escorting her home, I got back to bed. I never even got to edit/ view the photos that I took.
I woke up feeling a bit weird. I was weak and tired. Glucose and a banana got my system working better before I had a heavy breakfast preparing for the ‘big’ day ahead. I was as lazy as to leave the house at a quarter to seven, an hour and a half later that usual. Reason being my mind was already fed with the mentality that we would be going to Kasarani International Sports Complex to cheer Ulinzi team which was playing against the Tanzania Defence Forces team. I got offered a seat in the ‘VIP’ van to the stadium from our ‘base’ at Embakasi and I declined since I wanted to travel with the rest of the students and fellow colleagues. Traveling in a big group has always been the in thing for me. Its always fun and yeah… everything nice. I never had a seat since I got in last, but I managed to improvise.
Here is a fun activity/ awesome business tactic that I learnt. This can also apply in other places. For once I admired entrepreneurial tactics of my classmates. So here guy x sells a certain product y. under normal circumstances, product y moves as per need (lets say quantity 1 or 2 per a specific timeframe). In this particular situation, the excitement of the buyer was the sellers strength. So here is how it went. The first guy (Obviously the entrepreneur) comes up with an “offer”.
“Those, whose names start with O, will get product y.” The one who makes the offer buys the product for those who qualify.
“Those with blood group O- will get product y” the one who offers (another willing person) buys the product for those who qualify and so on and so forth. Off course evidence had to be produced.  With such a marketing strategy, you realize that you will make more sales at the expense of the customers and participants excitement. For instance, I got to step down of that lorry with quantity 6 of product y not considering the ones I reoffered. In lay mans terms, “I bought” quantity 6 of product y, a thing that I wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. So, more of product y was moved easily within a short period of time. I got lucky under the postpaid subscribers offer, service number ending with 10, active tweeps, having more than 1000 friends on Facebook, having quantity 3 of product y & several others. The active tweeps was my offer so…


Kasarani Aquatic Stadium, Kasarani, Swimming Pool After checking out the main arena, the swimming zombie in me took me to the Kasarani Aquatic Stadium. Swimming was what was on my mind… Unfortunately there was no swimming since the pool was under maintenance and I had to find an alternative which was just a walking distance away. My craving for a swim was even worse!!! I met two other classmates of mine who I took with me to Stadion Hotel where we got to swim the morning away. We left in search of lunch where by I didn’t get any. Not that I cared much since I had carried my own snacks, only that I didn’t have it with me then. Since the game had been postponed as we waited for the Vice President, I picked another friend of mine & we went back to the pool. Round 2. After that swim, I got my bag and took my snacks & headed to the stands to watch the Kenya’s vs Tanzania’s Defence Forces match. Here again I got to take my practice more seriously as I embarked into taking photos. I wanted to improve my sports shots since during the last sports event, – The KCB Rally where I missed some good shots. But I hope to improve. This link will lead you to the photos on a stand alone article
Ulinzi Football Club


Since this is among our form of “festivals” I got to meet with many of my past comrades from past events & establishments , met new people… It’s just like the old high school festivals. Met people from Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. You remember that feeling of excitement during the festivals, Music especially when you were about to approach someone from another school, especially of the other gender, (someone you sighted performing a piece on stage….) the first few chocking utterances, then the flow of conversation, the curiosity and then the need for more info, liking and finally the phonebook ends up with new prefixes like +250 and +255, some unique & complex names and a big glow in the area around the chest. Back to your reality!!! That was mine. The day ended well. The convoy of convoys of military vehicles along Thika road, the same old shouting across buses to your comrades while overtaking etc…
Kasarani stadium by nightSurprisingly enough, Embakasi was raining and the entire Thika road was not. I got my meal at my place of work, changed and walked home tired like crazy, and now here we are…
Meanwhile, for a complete analysis of the sports events that took place during the games, follow this link.
I will be posting the photos here in a short while. Meanwhile, thanks for reading, your feedback & being part of this blog.
Military Sports Day.

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