Madness in watches.

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I jinxed my life the moment I attached them to the simplest of things like watches. Relationships being the worst hit. Superstitions are real. Okay, I do it all the time… relating the falling of leaves to life and such stuff… I will still do watches like I did here (Letting Go & Letting In). In the past one year I have lost a total of 5 watches. I used to do watches annually on my one special occasion- my birthday. It got to a point that I started overbuying them. Proving that I could maintain them – lame.
When Ck was trampled by heavy military boots about 4 months ago, I wanted to write a tribute. I held myself back because my connections told me that I needed to stop being superstitious & let it go. It was a sad moment because I couldn’t quite come to terms with how a watch I loved so much would get trampled on the taxiway. But I picked up the pieces – literally and moved on. I took Ck home. She was Calvin Klein & placed at her normal “parking spot” It was weird walking home without her. Another weird thing about her relationship is during our semi annual reunion with my former schoolmates. We met her twin, tight on my former school mate’s hand. She was on his left; I take them on my right when with civilian clothes and left when in military uniform. It couldn’t have gotten eerier. We did have several things in common i.e. entrepreneurial orientations and the like, but I did not expect a similarity in tastes. So that was the story of my Ck. We hadn’t even been together for long. But she was great while she lasted. She is out of my life now. Forget watches.
“The loss of Furious is why we are all gathered here today…”
“Furious replaced Ck and we had a short stint until one day….”
Furious was a huge one… thus the name, a light skin extremely like white light… Replacing Ck immediately she left my life tragically. All was well and I was not expecting an end that soon. But one day, in a house party of a different kind, Furious went missing and that was the end of the story. 2 months we were.
I am yet to move on in this one coz at times I feel it was my fault but also have that part of me that feels it wasn’t. For Ck I am the one who decided to take her for morning run that fateful Friday morning. I take it as mine.
Before Ck & Furious I had Jane. Jane Doe. I couldn’t get her a nickname at first and decided on that. So, Jane & I first met on 19th Sept 2012 it’s a weekend as clear as yesterday. I was just from Friday night shift & we met at my usual hangout – for these things eh, along Kimathi Street, & together we went for my usual River road duties. I had a job that was pending clearing and I had to supervise its completion. After it got done, we headed to carnival grounds for the Subaru Fest. Yes, Subaru fest with Jane, an event I couldn’t afford to miss. I love Subaru. After a fun filled day, we headed to town and I had a quick date with a “friend” of mine (It’s obvious how I pulled that off) before heading to our former schoolmate’s reunion September 2012 edition. And it’s really weird mentioning two different reunions in one story… Don’t you love that bond huh… The only issue was that I couldn’t stay for long since we were to travel to the coast that night. We travelled to the coast and after another day full of crazy fun, we did the 6.00pm Dark Knight rises at Nyali and did the night bus to Nairobi.
At least we have an idea of how Jane & I bonded. Then one day that I did not care to record in my diary, she fell and as nature would have it, we tried to pull a dysfunctional ‘us’ until one day I just couldn’t take it anymore. So she was sent parking* like Ck. Last I checked on her, she had a serious case of mould & that was enough to make me forget her & that short lived past. Off course we did much more than that.
Within Jane’s tenure, Paris came into the scene on 23 on 23. A gift from my girlfriend. Now history. The world went crazy about her. She was awesome. We only used to go out for the extreme special occasions with her until I got used to it. She was great with people & at other times, I was the one who let her down with ‘the rest’ of me. Our best time of course was Road trip 2012 where we did over 1000kms round Eastern and Coast provinces. We did the beaches along the coastline until funds blinked kaput on us at Malindi where we registered quite some wonderful memories.
On the first day of this year, as we were going to church to celebrate the new year, my excitement was cut short on realizing I had lost another one. It was sad and it was hard concentrating at mass that day. It was a bad start for the year.
Back to Furious. I thought she was untouchable, but somehow some how somebody took her away without the privilege of good bye.
I got Fly Chee yeah, the same Chee you know. They closely share a calendar. So far our relationship is doing good. She is serving her purpose quite well and I cannot regret up to this point.


I don’t think I really have a point to make like last time. This is just one tormented mind. Okay, not as serious as last time. Life has transitioned so much you don’t even know where you lie. When a solution is ripe & seems so pertinent, nature bursts your bubble & you have to start again. It’s all over. At work, school, business and my all time favorite & guinea pig – relationships. I have a trail of these memories in form of bumped up and jarred chronometers who just like exes, past bosses & superiors pop up when you least expect & in the worst of situations. Letting go and letting in is pretty easy and I was sure at one point all is well. I so value my watches, dead or alive. Meanwhile, while you get it twisted and wonder what sucks most or what is real between the various branches of life, another catastrophe, big or small will be lying ahead on the path and whether it makes you stronger or weaker is a personal choice which even God cannot choose for you. Whatever you do to challenge it or control it, you will forget all the others & in succession you learn to go hard. Life won’t keep the same things around you forever and when they do, they do change as well. It is the same with people and all the other aspects. That’s just about it for now…
Madness in watches.

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