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Flying Helmet, Fighter Pilot, Jet Fighter, Pilot, Flying Suit.
Beyond the year 2000, I cannot really tell what my dream was, but my parents can help on that one. This is because I don’t have any memory of dreams before the sixth grade. It was here that I started fantasizing of what I wanted to be in future. My selection was purely out of prestige for the said careers. To this point I have had not less than 7 career choices within the course of my lower adult life (so far).
The year 2000’s boy wanted to be a surgeon or a doctor. I don’t have a specific reason as to why I wanted that career but, medicine it was. Within those two years to my certificate of primary education, the medicine dream faded away as mysteriously as it had come. By the way coming to think of it… I think Ben Carson’s Gifted Hands and Think Big had something to do with it.
By the end of the year 2000, our school principal was already encouraging us to work towards our future aspirations. Then out of the blues, aviation grew into me. Let’s say this was the initial stages of the growth of my purpose. I wanted to be a pilot so bad. Back in the day, when you used to fail mathematics for instance, it would mean that you are not going to be a pilot and I would act all manly and when I got home, I would cry my heart out. I am not rewriting a Ben Carsonstory, but the pressure of the desire to be a pilot shifted my performance rankings a great deal. I started working towards that goal. I never knew much about goal setting back then as I know right now, but all I was required by my dream was to achieve straight A’s & go to a good national school. At the time the only national school that I desired was Mang’u High School. It was the only school offering aviation that I locked my sights on. For those two years to 2002, my mind was driven by the desire to join this great school & as destiny would have it, I got those A’s & got into an aviation school.
I got introduced to computers around the year 2000 at my former primary school. We studied it until the 8th grade. Fast forward to 2003 and my parents acquired one and it became an instant interest & addiction. I was so attracted to computers that I even reduced my enthusiasm for books for a while. Curiosity got me doing all sorts of things on the machine – like every curious boy and equipment around the house. I even disassembled it completely at one time. The first time I just unscrewed it and peeped inside. Second time the same thing but spent more time, then the third time I tried pushing and pulling parts here and there as I had seen on the motherboard’s manual. My dad was keen on getting us in line with technological advancements and I am grateful for that. I started hanging out in cyber cafes & peeping over shoulders of the technicians in those places. My love for that 40GB 96mb Ram PC fuelled my passion for IT. A software engineer visited us in high school later that year and from the way he talked, Software engineering got to the top of my list & I chose it among my degree options later in high school life.
By now I had totally eliminated any biological links & it was software engineering and aeronautical engineering. I was still pursuing my course in Aviation Technology. It became aeronautical engineering immediately I joined form 1. I mean; this is why I worked so hard to get here in the first place. All the students who had been selected countrywide had chosen this school purposely to pursue aviation & the competition was so so high! As much as biology was part of the syllabus, I wasn’t paying much attention to its “Examinable bits” (Read here the non examinable bits that I loved). I put my all in aviation my technical subject.
In the course of choosing my careers for the Joint Admissions board, International Relations & Diplomacy cropped up as well as psychology. I still have a thing for psychology & I have various books on the subject which I read once in a while. For IR, it just faded. I was thinking of international travel on this one.
The love of Engineering and Flying alternated in my heart and I decided to pursue both. I started realizing my circumstances in relation to my aspirations were quite tricky and I came up with a rough plan for their accomplishment. There were 3 ways to do it. The first one was to work hard enough to join the Kenya AirwaysAB Initio pilot program, the second one was to get sponsored by my parents for the courses (which was & still is very expensive) and the third option which was just an incase,  light moment was to enlist in the Kenya Airforce. The first two did not work out and so I had to reconfigure my path. I decided to try out & enlist & serve the country as I pursued my passion.
So A & B backfired and in a moment of confusion or too much waiting for plan C, Law came into the picture.  After my high school education, I managed to secure a job as a clerk for a surveyor in Kerugoya. In the course of my job, I encountered many law reliant transactions & documents. That time John Grisham’s books as well were fuelling this. My passion for law started growing. A neighbor who was in second year came into the picture, a lady I met in the same office who coincidentally attended our sister school (back in high school) was an intern at the law firm next door & we used to talk about various things law and beyond… I started reading law, thinking law and experiencing law (Too many documents, too many lawyers, too many court clerks – I established a typesetting venture within my bosses office – never heard off I know) This particular lady, now working at the High court was among  my top three reasons why I even started reading law reports… The worst reason why I wanted to do law was the pressure from that neighbor’s dad. “Oh my son loves it; oh it has money…” etc. I learnt that I was just frustrated & desperate of being at home when everybody else was in campus and I grew out of it to face the fact that law was not my thing.
Due to my love for computers, my typing speed and how I was handling the machines in the surveyor’s office, most thought I was an IT graduate, or a diploma holder for that matter. Most weird was the fact that I was employed without any papers. Not even a computer packages certificate. I convinced the surveyor I could do the job & I did not disappoint. I later enrolled into a local college & I scooped distinctions in every subject after a part time crash course on the same. My certificate looks fake actually.
Aeronautical engineering was still at the back of my mind & when I missed an aviation sponsorship – twinning program for Western Michigan University & Egerton University – Nakuru Campus, my Plan C started being considered. Coincidentally around that time the Kenya Defense Forces the then Armed Forces announced their recruitment & I decided to try out my luck.


To be continued …
Career Path

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