The Flying Obsession.

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The Rudder Pedals
Everyone knows of my fascination with aviation. It is a story that I will never stop telling. It always comes up in different themes & styles. Here is a new one.
Simulators have been in use ever since aviation got into the modern age, the need for training in similar scenarios with less expenses and damage to aircraft has led to the need for simulators and other specialized training models.


The complete home simulator setup – Just needs a screen 32″ or above


The Tucano Cockpit – As Exact as the real thing!


The view from a half dome screen (Like those in the theaters)
People never seem to understand when I tell them that I am ‘on the simulator’. Some ask “Is it a game?” to some I just say yes to avoid the argument that follows trying to separate simulation and gaming. Fine it may be a game, but its realism separates it from the term “game”. Worse is when somebody says… “Oh, you are playing on the simulator” You don’t ‘play’ on the simulator. The set up looks like a gaming set up but it ain’t just a game people!!! Good, now you are confused… Just as I wanted…
Tucano Simulator cockpit’s Display
Close up to the throttle & control column.
A simulator is something that simulates/ imitates conditions and operation of a real world process or system. In my case, it’s a computer program that replicates these operations. A flight simulator is a computer program that is an exact replica of a plane’s cockpit & every process involved with flying. Simulators are of various types and they vary from game pad controlled, to Column & pedal controlled to step in full size cockpits that give exact conditions in flight complete with movements.
In this case, the simulator I commonly use is the control column, throttle & rudder enhances simulator that works with Microsoft flight simulator. Majority of the flight controls are incorporated on these accessories that are bought separately. A radio stack is also available but I am yet to buy one. So far I just use the one that is inbuilt on the screen. The navigation lights too are controlled from the computer. I wont explain much detail on this one, maybe later I will do.
Banking on the Tucano Simulator.
There is another awesome simulator that is the closest to the real thing. I use it on rare occasions though. The excitement that I leave that room with makes my colleagues wonder what flows inside me coz it ain’t just blood… It’s an “Exact” replica of a single engine, single stick controlled aircraft. (The Tucano)  It’s the best simulator I have trained on/ flown. The best definition is flying a plane that doesn’t leave the ground. I will expound more on this simulator later.
Last but not least is an application on Facebook by the name airline manager. It’s not related to the flying itself. The simplest way of putting it is just as the name suggests; managing an airline. This is buying planes, hiring employees, maintenance, fuel, advertising, upgrading, and all the other operations involved in the management of an airline. I have been at this for three or four months I think & the airline name is Kriscalf Air. Its stock is currently worth $149.69 or there about. If you are on Airline Manager, feel free to invest J
787 Full Motion Simulator
All this for what purpose? It helps me focus on this dream; to fly the commercial jets, perfect pastime, helps me concentrate, steals all my sleep, helps me relax & forget the troubles of the world etc etc & it challenges me in ways more complicated than I can document. That’s all there is to me and simulators so far.
Again this is the strongest form of law of attraction ever. Next article stuff though, I will explain my experience…
Now… Does that look like playing to you???


The Flying Obsession.

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