Of Cars & Going A.W.O.L

Sneaky boy, boy, truant, naughty boy.

Today was exciting from the word go.



I had so anticipated going for the morning run but something told me not to. Indolence was that something. So I dragged myself off the bed, the normal routine & I sat in front of my computer & headed straight for the socials. I quickly replied to messages & went through the dailies before heading for breakfast. That run happened to be the run that shouted I was late. So everybody who claimed to be on top of me (Supervisors n all) was burning up inside with all sorts of insults, anger, frustrations, post wife battery trauma & all that blah that comes with men within & beyond Mid life crisis.

The Plot
I went for breakfast & had a rather peaceful one, reciting in my mind my self talk “… any desire that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object. I will never stop trying…” It always calms me down and keeps me focused. I was also excited partly because I was high on scheming how I would escape in the heavily guarded compound in the middle of the day to attend the flag off and the spectator stage of the 60th Edition of the KCB Safari Rally. To be frank I never attended the rally before. That is out of my own, whatever, it just happened to be where I was on those particular dates. For example the one that was in Meru, another at Makuyu. Makuyu’s went down on April 2010 the month that I proposed to my girlfriend. This I cannot forget, an Easter weekend it was 2nd, 3rd & 4th April 2010. Strategically placed. That weekend was one sent from heaven. Any way, that’s not the main issue here. I love cars but opportunity & resources never met to make this a reality to me. Even the fact that Patrick Njiru is a neighbour to some relative of mine I used to visit often made no difference. So whenever people around me went to the rally, they usually left me behind. I would yap about it all week long on social media n blah but inside I usually felt the pinch of missing out.
Crazy Morning at the Office.
So, this one I started planning for it last week while I was upcountry. I saw the first advert on Tuesday evening while we were talking with my grandpa. I saw him form a genuine smile while I reached for my diary & quickly scribbled something on those dates. Focus & determination. So for the rest of the week & this week I kept singing rally rally & I am sure I pissed the crap off my friends. The determination to attend was further fuelled by the fact that I had placed it top of my short term goals! I know you are asking what planning is there. The nature of what I do by day doesn’t give you as much freedom as you need. Not even that, as any ordinary person is supposed to have. Inside these walls, is Egypt in the days of building the pyramids. Slavery, Modern slavery. Anyway. I settled on my desk & one of our supervisors called me & 3 others who had also shown a trend of what they referred to as sloppiness. I was the worst of them all he said. 
I don’t know if you’ve ever been summoned to the office when you have done something regarded as against the rules, and the big guy in the see saw chair takes his glorious time trying to make you tense outside the office… It did not work, for me at least. The other guys were shaken to the bone & the more we stayed on that corridor the less serious I took it. After like 2 hours we were called in individually in a series of rituals that almost served them a nice plate of laughter from me. Threats as usual were issued & we were dismissed. 
I was trying to figure out what would happen really, if they found out what I was planning? The supervisors made it a routine to keep checking if I was around & luckily I was still hovering around until they got bored & decided to cool their balls. That’s when I planned my exit.
Tactical Exit.
“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” – Stephen Covey. In this establishment, everybody is allocated some place they can call their own. They usually put people with things in common together. Depends on whether you are married, single, a pilot, and engineer, a doctor, a clerk, etc. The paths I have taken in life have not allowed me to allow this kind of mental locking. So early in our settlement I found a spot opposite & far from everybody else. So while I was leaving, the supervisors expected me to go in the direction that everybody under them goes. Which did not happen. I went in the opposite direction. The direction of my clothes, yeah we wear uniforms here. I carried them in a paper bag & walked head high towards the same direction I had come from, past the offices & straight to the guard post by the main gate. There I took my time to change, into my civilian clothing & get ready for an exit. That’s when the sentries outside started bragging of how they had punished some foreigner who was pretending a camera were a GPS & blah. So he was using the disguise to take photographs of the premises etc. I started sweating since they did not see me enter & right there in my left pocket was the obvious bulge of a camera. Fully charged memory empty ready to take in the action of what I had risked all this for. I swear if I would have been caught! This would have been a different story altogether. I wrapped my polythene and pushed it under some idea of a bed there. I took a cautious peep & I walked outside. Nobody saw me.
By this time I was way off schedule since, the flag off was to begin at 1pm & I had 30 minutes missing from my schedule already, a traffic filled Outering Road would never deliver in its current state si I decided to be patient. I got on my way to the city, adrenaline rushing like crazy. The heat was pretty much & at my age & in this season, such insolation comes about when it’s about to rain. The though of rain on my rally initiation date was not such a good one.
I got to KICC when the last batch of rally cars was being flagged off. Nothing much was going down here. The number of people in official clad led me to thinking of the kind of words employees & bosses were exchanging, just to come to KICC.
“Please sir may I go watch just 3 cars being flagged off…”
“Sir, I need the day off, my daughter is unwell & alone at home”
“Fine, take the day off tomorrow as well” – That one knows Kajiado is all systems go!
“I need to get airtime outside…”
& in some very sad cases like ours where the snail slow & coward buttered chain of command exists,
Supervisor “I’ve been sent by Chris who wanted the day off to go do some banking,” 7.30am
Level 1 “I hear Chris was asking for the day off to go to town” 8.30am
Level 2 “Did you hear Chris came late this morning as well?”9.45am
Level 3 “Gerald by the way; Kory, supervising the Avionics Department told me some guy wanted to go rest, have you confirmed?” Over tea 10.30am.
Level 4 “Sir, Chris wanted a day off.” 11.30am
Boss “The one who reported late today?
Level 4 “Yes sir, also on Tue & again absent on Monday. He is also the one who paid somebody to do the field assignment last month while he was attending to personal issues… That guy should be dealt with, He is very slippery…”
Boss “Tell Him I said No!!!”
Then it snails its way back down & will probably reach him around 3pm… Now Chris is not the kind to follow such. Instead he acts & then explains, or doesn’t at all. That’s why he always ends up on the wrong side of the authorities.
So it was while I was headed to the spectator stage that I was wondering who had been left working in offices within the CBD. Very many turned out for that event.
The Action.
Now I don’t know how to put this. But I was excited. It was like Lamu kids when they see their first car! Daaaamn!!! Or as my buddy put it, A kid who has Actually people on my timeline thought I was high on something. The action was so thrilling & all the other words ever developed to over exaggerated crazy!!! I forgot all my stresses, laid out all my worries for kina Ian Duncan,Anwar, Baba Chiru, Ndio Huyoo, Haraka Ladies & the rest to step on them with their Av Gas driven beasts. I was so inspired that I instantly moved owning my first dream car a – Subaru Impreza, from the bottom of my Mid term Goals to the top of the rest of the Mid term Goals. I was almost driven to tears when some drivers missed tricky corners and ended up damaging their suspensions, in other cases out of excitement I screamed myself dumb! the way I scream in a club when you know nobody can hear you release your issues with all the noise, I didn’t care about the shy me who always freaks out to the sight of beautiful women (Like those next to me eh…),I didn’t care about the bosses who were probably boiling over since I switched to offline mode at exactly 1.55 Pm  It was fun, so much fun, I cannot even describe it enough. I was high yeah. But I loved it. Then I started worrying about missing out on the real action at Kajiado… Then the rain came down! I ran for shelter & found myself at the best view point, but still the rain got me. I no longer cared, since the last time i got rained on in the city, I did not even notice myself dry. The there was the issue of lunch. Oh, I hadn’t had any. I noticed that around 5 as it headed towards 6 another thing I am yet to understand. The afternoon was worth all the risks that were taken.
Anyway, since I achieved my goal, I now feel relaxed, ready for life again. My day ticked as a success. The favorite part is the crazy engine & exhaust sounds still ringing in my ears that I experienced today. Here are a few of the shots I took. Tomorrow is another day that I am expected to report early to work…














Of Cars & Going A.W.O.L

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