Back With No Bang at all.

Fire, wood fire, camp fire.
It has been quite a while since I wrote something. Full of sense or less of it. I have thought quite a lot about getting on with writing. But a few things here and there have been holding me back, laziness being at the top of them all. Procrastination and all that other bad stuff. Again I was rethinking the content of the blog, which I have since decided will be random pie n crap. As much as some quarters may wanna try to keep tabs of my life with this stuff. From now onwards I will be upgrading the lies to a whole new level & shitting heavier on the truth. Hmmmm. I have also been quite busy. Balancing hustle, job scene & school work. Engineering is not as easy I thought it would be. My biggest excuse being it’s not what I wanted to do all along. This is another case of an ‘Indian’ boy whose parents decide what the kid will be, even before the kid is born. Only that this time, this kid was not directed by the parents. Career did. Anyway, that was justifying my other excuse – being busy. Last but not least of the excuses, is that of my machine lacking a word processor. I know what you are thinking… at this age??? Sure.
As I am writing this, its 10am and all I have done since morning is watch movies. I have been quite hooked to Game of thrones. I just completed the only episodes I managed to get of season 2, I guess its still under construction. Exams are up next week. I have 13 units compressed into 7 or 8 papers I guess. I am not even sure. But I really don’t have the psych to study. I did not sleep last night either. Not that I am a book worm or anything, I have some sort of sleeping disorder. But I do not know why it chose to attack last night. I was doing well with my studying with sufficient 5 minutes breaks in between. Then when I decided that was enough for the night, I lost my sleep for good as I was returning from the lavatory. Weird coz I was barely seeing my way while my bladder was full. Seriously I came from that loo a sleepless guy. It’s like I had just woke up from a cool 9 hours sleep! I couldn’t do much but keep reading stuff and keeping myself busy here and there. By this time I was bored with the normal examinable stuff and I was online reading various interesting stuff that normally won’t be found in the mouths of people or in any discussion group.
Morning found me staring at my laptop which has since adopted the name ‘dream liner’ after its latest medical appointment. I read a few articles I had kept pending and some web pages I had saved ages ago. That’s when I decided to watch a movie. I had debated about this since around 3am. But I had managed to push it to around 6am. Quite an achievement. So that’s basically it about that crazy morning that has led to a resurrection of the web log. But the future will see quite a number of backdated articles, dating back to 2007.  And as I said pie & crap all in one meal.
Back With No Bang at all.

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