My Law of Diminishing Utility

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Marginal utility is the extra utility derived from the consumption of one more unit of a good, the consumption of all other goods remaining unchanged. In general context, utility is the satisfaction derived from the consumption of a good. In the context of this article, “consumption of a good” will be somewhat inapplicable since the content cannot be quantified in physical terms, physically, neither is it tangible in any sense. I mean that a job cannot be. Utility is the satisfaction derived from that yet unnamed thing, or good.
Utility and satisfaction are not, that important as their decrease. Thus the hypothesis of diminishing utility in its original source, the hypothesis of diminishing utility. In its original source, the hypothesis of diminishing marginal utility states that as the quantity of a good consumed by an individual increases, the marginal utility of good will eventually decrease. Point to note, this is some economists theory. It is not mine. But somehow I just felt like stealing it for my own craze. Another thing to note is that it is somehow a valid generalization about individual consumer behavior. The more something is consumed, the less the utility they are likely to derive from the consumer of an additional unit of it.
Food is my only perfect example to this theory of my own. Let’s take an example of pizza. I will use it since I have had it countable times in life. Its great but I have my own reasons why it’s infrequently consumed. We will take the extra large consumption of the first sectors follow suit, our satisfaction and enjoyment goes down with every bite. May be that was just me. Let’s have ice cream. The initial “licks” or scoops are so nice & fulfilling but a numb & feeling less tongue later, and we just feel as if we are having plain water. Enough examples.
It’s obvious that the tongue gets oriented to the taste of the ice cream, & starts expecting more from the cream. It starts getting tasteless, boring, and the mind starts thinking of something else. It is in this, still whereby the willingness to take a bite further is diminished. You just don’t feel like licking / scooping coz either you are too bored or deep in your mind you think that by restraining you will love the next scoops.
The theory goes ahead to state that in order to maximize utility with a given level of consumption, the individual must constantly compare utilities, derived from alternative goods and services.
Enough of economics to some of life’s amazing sectors as usual I have to touch on men & women then careers then recreation.
Career should be my worst experiences in life. Its not. Disregard that. I don’t know how to put it but somehow, it just pisses me off having landed in a wrong one. That doesn’t matter now. Topic for another day. It’s obvious that everyone or almost everyone was so anxious to ‘have’ something to do, that the initial stages were so interesting. Initial stages is variant in the sense that someone whose been at one thing for 50 years and another for 5 years have a different range/ length/ time frame of initial. The job is so good at first, the people, colleagues, clients etc. To them also is an excitement as well as having a new colleague. Who wouldn’t want that? But as time goes by, the level of satisfaction goes beyond the curve and you start feeding yourself with the feeling of discontentment and discomfort. Your colleagues start getting sour, the boss starts nagging and that boring life’s cycle begins. You start cursing the job and everything around & we build a mindset, a mentality that gets you fixed to the belief that life & that job or line of career is not of your type, yeah, the tongue gets numb & accustomed to the ice cream. Then you start wishing you had chocolate instead & wondering why you had to take such a big scoop, then the salary seems small and another job search begins – the search of an alternative.
I love swimming. It’s so nice to visualize how fantastic a session will be. Especially when one has not swam in quite a while. Then the time comes to swim. As much as I would love to do more than two hours, it would not work out for me as enough. The first dip is the best of all, but within the first hour, I have done all there is to be done in the water. Even if it gets to the individual strokes, I cannot freestyle the whole time or fly the whole time. The point is here that you start trying out different styles in different order just to search for something that will satisfy you more than what you are currently doing. I leave the pool, bask in the sun for a while, come back again and the cycle continues & I cannot do it anymore. This goes to the extent of pool hopping. It gets boring even in the best of pools to appear every time… I Diversity…
Then we have people. I am yet to learn or to prove if it has something to do with it.  In the most basic of senses, we get bored with people, things they do, how they treat us, how they talk to us, how they relate to us & all that other stuff that people do. Diminishing utility. As I was trying to push this economic theory a bit out of its context, I was trying to theorize a way to get round it, since its here that we human beings dwell mostly upon. Relationships or social matter so to say. I did not manage. But since that is not my field, I would not concentrate too much on it. So I played defeated. Obviously there is a solution. We say that ‘too much of something is poisonous’ so the most obvious opposite is to have lesser for longer. Lesser more infrequently, for longer… like delayed gratification of some sort. Just like food, sometimes we need to be biting off just enough that we can chew, for the bonds we have to last – remember this is my so big thought. Too much of some individuals, sometimes sucks big time. That’s why we sometimes wonder whatever happened to the luster of once great a friendship or relationship. Its all breaks down to the things we do. Like say if we were to reverse the equation it would be a different case.
I am thinking of how we get bored of somebody’s individual traits & character, things we have in common etc. at first it’s so good, but as time goes by, it gets to unmanageable levels. I’m thinking, just like food, we don’t have to eat all at once. Bits and pieces. On the not so obvious side of it, we have those who have gone overboard and in the comparison of utilities, they go ahead & act outside the box – literally that is outside the domestic market, in this reference the relationships we have at different levels. This is taking it too far in the search of maximum utility in regards to the given levels of consumption. This is one of the reasons why cheating and infidelity comes in. when it comes to infidelity, nobody is the better performer. It’s not as basic as one gender cheats more than the other. We are all equal in terms of the need to be contented with whatever we are getting. Maximization of utility runs down almost everybody.  So the constant comparison of utilities in its different levels goes down to an individual depending on how much they are receiving from whichever.
From here it goes on and on and on and on… to more complicated stuff, that I cannot explain. Or rather I don’t feel like writing about now. But at least its one explanation why things happen the way they do. Everything in life, at some point gets boring…
My Law of Diminishing Utility

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