Crazy Week

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This is a recap of a past week. Individual days had their own lot of drama but I don’t have that much time to recap the whole of it. Actually I have just put it off until I don’t find it interesting anymore. Monday had enough of its annoying drama in the ICT class where some fellows are still in the dark about the most basic of knowledge in ICT. Everything is just marvel! I was surprised to get somebody who could exchange my solitaire bearing machine with his networked machine. I just couldn’t understand how someone would exchange a machine connected to the internet with one that had nothing of the kind… How now???

With my haste I got to searching office which I realized to my dismay that it was non existent. I wanted to write a quick article as the teacher was busy showing the major hardware components on the demo machine. I decided to use word pad instead. Great mistake. Over 1K and something words later, another fellow “in the dark” asked what some blue button on the case did. I think he was pretending because he intentionally pressed it for the span required for the computer to go off without any queries. Its only that am a soft spoken dude. Otherwise I would have let it all out in a way that would have made us totally different human beings. So there was my so creatively written article, gone with the naïve finger!!! It was so in the mood of that afternoon. TSK! And now we had a very disappointed me.

Nothing much was in the news for Tuesday apart from some rather weird suggestion that we organize ourselves to occupy our hostels in reference to our classes. Did that come out right? Guess so. Yeah; so if its, Electrical Engineering, they occupy the first rooms, then Telecommunication class, then the Mechanical Engineers, then the Marine Engineers… etc. It sounded so colonial!!! These subdivisions are the same ones when we get to another level come to the likes of tribalism and nepotism. Means that somewhere in the future, the Electrical Engineers and the Mechanical Engineers will have nothing in common apart from being alumni of the same college??? Nonsense! I skipped all the breaks since I had a lot of pending notes to be copied, I mentioned somewhere that somehow this wasn’t the class that I had expected and I was ready to expend my will on. But somewhere along the way I got inspired by those I trust most in terms of the pursuit of my dreams, and I decided to concentrate & study. I left class an hour earlier.
Wednesday is usually a half day. Academically that is, for in the afternoon we have sports. Sports Wednesday. I love running and when you have something to look up to at the middle of the week, then life becomes simpler. Especially in a colonial College like this one. I know by now, you be asking where is this guy really studying at. It doesn’t matter. I am in College. Just like before, this is one of the few colleges I have attended and am yet to do more. So after a “two paper meal”, I changed into my running gear and waited while I was working on an article. At 2 pm my friends and I rushed to the area where everybody meets for the usual afternoon run. As usual we have the accountability thing, where they check who is present and who is not. We were then divided into two groups. As usual I go loud therefore I maneuvered and found myself at the middle of the screamers. This is where the fun is… songs of all kinds are sung here. The crazy ones sang loudest and as usual if there is anything weird going on and has not been rectified by the administration even after observation of protocol, verbal hooliganism takes effect and we go ahead to mention but cautiously our grievances to the administration which is always part of the runners.  The songs are the dirtiest and most obscene songs you will ever hear in an institution or anywhere in the world. On a soft day we do 10 Kms then do some aerobics, some warm down exercises and then from there the interested pick on individual interests, Football, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis,  Martial Arts etc. My interests – sports wise are not facilitated at this particular institution. So I usually get back to my room take a shower, and then either read, write, watch a movie or get into the world for an extra penny.
After everybody had had enough of the day we went home and had soup, commonly know as “Surwah” common household name for the soup that is mainly prepared by butcheries from a number of over boiled goat heads and some fatty pieces of meat and crushed bone & bone marrow definitely, then “beaten” in a 5 liter water container. The result is tasty milky – white hot drink. To your preference it can be flavored. I have met 3 flavors so far, Pepper, Plain (Salt), & herbal – this is awfully bitter; for in it is some very bitter outlandish roots from I don’t know where.  It has got health added health benefits too. Unlike with other brands, I never came across a differently priced surwah joint because of the flavors. In this part of Eastland’s it’s found almost after every 100 meters or so. Its common and comes together with its cousins Mutura, Brains – Akili, roasted liver, matumbo, samosas… etc. soup is an automatic favorite. On a Wednesday it goes straight to the system & there is an instant rejuvenation and a feeling of relaxation and well being. Like taking glucose, only this time that it’s sustained and stays for a long time. I can guess what some are thinking? Well, I never had diarrhea, I’ve consumed worse. Protein oriented supper and after a movie watched late into the night I retired for another night.
Thursdays are worship days in this institution. We all go to our different denominations and have time with our creator. This is quite a great arrangement since the current generation has overrated the resting on the Sabbath day thing. I am also under that roof. City churches have become something else. And sometimes I wonder what be came of religion. With the introduction of automated worship,  Auto~ offertory collection and management, auto~ miracle, auto~ prayer  & other “systems” the thought of church gets freakier day by day. That’s outside the point. I go to church on Thursday. I know it sounds crazy, but yeah. Holy mass – fully loaded is on Thursday, and on Sunday, I do the “remote” worship at the comfort of my sitting room. That is when I am in the city. Back at the shags conventional Church is a must.
So after the hour long mass, we got back to class and several lecturers were not so interested teaching. I was also not so interested in staying in a class with no lecturer. “My jingle has always been “If you (read me) have nothing to do, don’t do it here” I walked out. Destination library,  or to my room to write “these things”… the rest of the day was just as empty. The evening class was left particularly early – lecturer also absent. I wrote a few pages of the notes I was yet to finish writing, then left quietly and headed to my room to change. I had an appointment at 6pm at the Rubble Radii with a prospective partner of mine – or rather I was his or to be his prospective partner – Nairobi is a tricky city. I had to deliver some things as well. I was lucky enough to get light traffic on the roads to the city center. The tough job started and then I settled to a drink with the new guy. We had a long and comprehensive talk in regards to investments within the city that were within our level and the higher but attainable levels as well. It was nice. Most of the times I get into these discussions with people outside my field so as to get further enlightened and break the monotony of the confines of my career & my age. It also stretches my mind to new horizons and keeps the Nuclear Reactor of my motivation going. After an hour and a half we parted ways and headed to my place. Watched a movie, read a bit and got my forty winks.
The end of the week is usually the best day – Universal Truth. Some times back I used to anticipate the weekend because of issues like raving over the weekend, sleeping the weekend off, meeting friends, being away from the confines of the career environment, and all those other things. Resting included. Things changed when life gets got to the point it is at. Tight program full time. Like studying during the week and working the weekends or rather most of them. The sacrifices we make for the things we wanna achieve. I keep praying it works out.
I so look forward to Fridays basically because there is a run in the morning. This is where I get to scream off the last half of the week and psych myself up for the oncoming weekend. Sometimes the weekend seems longer than the week to me since it’s the time we squeeze the extra penny search sessions.  Anyway, back to running and screaming and singing the same explicit songs that take me to another world. I feel so relaxed. Relaxing in my own aspect. That is on top of all those health benefits you read and hear… I get to relax and unwind. Scream my frustrations and set my new resolutions as well, evaluate my progress, somehow insult & curse those who pull me down and bless those who push, me up. I should tell you about my running milieu… it just takes you away. I shouldn’t mention the distance, you already have a rough idea. After the run, I get back to my room, take a shower and set myself some basic but heavy breakfast. I get to class and the rest of the day flows. I wouldn’t be working – officially that is, this weekend so its an anticipated one. Classes end at 3.30pm… How nice…
Crazy Week

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