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The Great Wall of China.
Today I just met a friend who just flew in from CHINA… true story; we had the longest chat ever. I hadn’t seen him for a while since high school. That is after we cleared high school, I went my way and he went his way. So come 2012 and he was done with his Degree in Aerospace Engineering. By now the whole world knows my world revolves around the aviation sector. Anybody in that field automatically qualifies to be among my eagle clique. Its imaginary, quit the calculations.
Within the previous week I had received an email from him and in it he gave me his number. I did not hesitate and I called him immediately I left the cyber. I was making some changes on my blog and sending some mails and I did not have any personal connectivity. His voice was just a bit deeper. Just a bit. But it was him. We had a five minute talk or so and I was totally inspired. My week went fairly went well. I have mentioned again and again that I was a bit disoriented and I was not so into the line of education career I had taken of late. He opened up my mind, and there I was and I couldn’t wait to meet him. The weekend was the most obvious for this.
So it was after a very rare Saturday afternoon nap that, he called and asked if I was around. Coincidentally he lived just across the street. I asked him to give me a few minutes and went ahead to meet him. He has grown plump, the soft nice plum. (I’m not kidding) Happier and more serious. He bought me dinner, the selection he had not had in years and what I had not had in like a week or two and we couldn’t wait to hear each other’s story. So here I was with an Aerospace Engineer. 5 years was quite a long time. We then went to his house.
We sat and talked of all things, catching up on what had happened in our lives and the lives of others – don’t even mention gossip… High school, post high school, career, hustle. Obviously speaking he had the most interesting of stories, reptile delicacies, canine delicacies, extreme engineering, the Great Wall of China. I was just there looking at him like a crazy kid, back in the day when kids used to see ghosts.
China’s Aviation Industry definitely carried most of the evening. I talked about my career a bit. There wasn’t much to tell.
The conversation took a different course when it got inspirational. I got motivated. Coincidentally flowing with my theme of this year. Flying with the eagles. I learnt that most of my classmates pursued & made it through the aviation sector in different capacities. I had been off air for quite a while. That’s when I realized my network in dream airlines like Kenya Airways was quite large, contrary to what I had thought. My kind of umbrellas!!! I felt lighter. I mean I had finally found a different lens to look at my current predicaments. 2012 has been rather harsh so far. He gave me a different perspective. He also went ahead to tell me to keep focused on the goals. That I never let go. Maybe get a bit derailed but I won’t let it go.
I was so so so inspired. Sometimes we don’t need only the Joel Osteens & Joyce Meyers DVDs in the house to feel inspired and motivated to go on in life. I do not mean that they do not help, but all I am saying is that next door is someone who can really push you into getting what you want. Looking back at my life, so far that is, I have managed to do a lot of things by getting to listen to different kinds of people who have given me appositive perspective of life. One important aspect is that of comparing me with others. I don’t do it often but it has been part of my black spots. It is not the obvious kind that x has this and CB has this… ah ah the complicated kind of comparison that I might be trying to compare with mine, that I might just be giving an excuse to justify. He insisted on the company I keep. This is one part of life that I will never escape. Everywhere I go, I am reminded that my company determines who I am. This is so true. Check yourself out.
We talked about studies, how he survived in China, how he made it through. The story of smart work, multitasking, determination, discipline. That language is not as old fashioned as it sounded when teachers tried to bolt it into our heads with strokes of the cane. I just cannot put it all down here. But that was a weekend well spent. My weekend was worth those few hours. Invited him to the house to meet the kid he had asked if he was mine. We went back to my house had a drink – soft, then went through my photos – I know it sounds weird but that’s a culture that will never burn out. Believe me. We will keep catching up with friends and family with photos. Be it in any form. Obviously my Military training album was the favorite of them all. Story for another day.
While at it he got to meet the rest of the family. It became again another business forum where my buddy, the C.E.O & I exchanged ideas mainly in the I.C.T Industry and other sectors which Galway limited has ventured in. He brought in a lot of new ideas that needed to be taken seriously. I could not help smiling the rest of the night. He had obviously made my night!
My resolve was to work hard in Electrical Engineering just like I had done in all the other courses. It would get converted to Avionics later on, and a little bit later on, we will continue flying, when the situation calms down.
By the way if you still think China gives the world fake products… You need to get your facts right. Like I did. I respect to that Country!
Otherwise, my day was good and I was happy.
Thanks to the guy from China.
Inspiration. Made In China

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