Rocks and Pebbles

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In my establishment, I have pebbles and rocks as part of the composition of my kind of earth. The establishments earth. . . I am sand. . .  Quite insignificant though quite important & strong within my range of responsibility.
Sand matters not. . .
The differences between pebbles and rocks matters most. . . At least to me and the rest of my river bed friends, some.
In my world Pebbles become Rocks not the other way round.
– A pebble takes time to mature to a full grown rock – a lot of time.
– A pebble does not know the difference between power & responsibility.
– A pebble will think of sand as insignificant.
– A pebble has no respect towards sand. As much as its a tough stage it underwent through crossing over to pebblelity.
– A pebble thinks its on top of the world whereas its as insignificant as every other particle in the establishment.
– A pebble detests the mechanism that got it into its state.
– Pebbles spend most of their life trying to get back on anything that looks ‘mechanical’ to them.
– Pebbles think getting a wheelbarrow is the most important thing for survival in the riverbed… unfortunately, it ain’t!
– Pebbles think all the better crystals belong to them. . .not the sand.
– When it comes to power and influence on the riverbed, a pebble is weaker than the soil on the riverbank.
– Without other pebbles, a pebble is as diffident & helpless as a child.
– A pebble thinks sand is out of a pebbles league.
– A pebble is always a pebble.
Sand will get the point of this but a pebble will try prove its not a pebble but as fair as is my world on the riverbed, sand gets to become pebbles and pebbles get to become rocks and boulders. But not that easy, not that easy.
Rocks and Pebbles

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