Cattle Dip Mentality

Cattle Dip, cows
In a cattle dip, there can only be an entrance and one exit. Once the livestock jump. There is no way they can turn back. The only way they can move is forward. This is because there is a vertical slope that cannot be climbed easily. Once the cows, or goats or sheep or whatever jump in, they cannot come back, further more there are too many jumping in and pushing forward that there is no room for turning back.

I was thinking how life is slowly turning into a cattle dip in our various circumstances. It has been reduced to a crush style path where the only motion is forward. We have all sorts of situations that are pushing us forward with their canes just like the herdsmen do to the cattle to get them to walk into the dip and so many bulls and etc pushing from behind. There is only one direction. The only thing with this is that most of it is in the negative direction. Am speaking from the rogue cow point of view . . . Lets start with an example of one of my job environments.

It’s common that whenever you get a job, the misconception is, that is the end of your life cycle, in the sense of settling and all that stuff. Within the first months, the talk is generally ladies and having fun and all. Then here it takes 2 diversions or a division of sorts. One side of them will try to lead you into the fun life. The girls, prostitution and all the drinking. Another side will try to drive you towards the family life. It is not bad. Ticks or no ticks you got to get into the dip if you are in the crush. Some of these people do not want to know what or how you have planned your life. They are eager to lead you into believing that without a family you are done with, your life will be a mess in one way or another. If you are the easily swaying type, you go ahead and get into it. Then when you are inside the dip, you realize that it was not meant to be this way. The problem is you do not have so many options. Even when you take the other route. Lost time, lost resources are rarely recoverable.

Education is the same way. I was led to believe that the only careers that would best lead you into prosperity were Law, Medicine and Engineering. So many were quick to get directed into this dip without the consideration of what really interests them in life. I believed I was born to be a Neuron – Surgeon LOL!!! Purpose? That was not mine at all! That was not even in mind, including many others, they rarely listen to their calling. More people push each other into this belief. Parents themselves some times back were to blame. Guiding their children to study for the career that would make the family prestigious. Latter when it’s either too late or almost too late, they realize that they are in the wrong lines of career. These are the kinds that perform so bad you wonder what happened to the intelligence. . .  Cattle Dip!!!

Like a flock we follow trends, business wise, career wise, without deeper thoughts, this might be the best example yet. You wouldn’t know another’s reason for investing in a certain venture but then you dive into it and continue walking in the direction everyone is walking. When losses start coming in, you start trying to look behind but you cannot make. It’s too crowded or it’s too deep to climb back up. Career wise as well. We have landed in a career that was so famed but once inside we realize it’s not of our kind. Then we crumble to the regrets of pressure defined misconception.
Then we have those crazy relationships or marriages we regret why we got into them in the first place. Or how it got to the extent that it has. We are so looking forward to make the unthinkable work because the family is behind us, friends are behind us, or even relatives. They wouldn’t know what it takes to be inside that crush. So you are there and instead of fighting to leave it when you can, you watch or continue convincing yourself that it’s going to be okay. Woe unto you when it doesn’t work. Some have gone to the extent of thinking that by quitting, they would be embarrassing themselves, the supporters of their relationship or those who have been driving the relationship. How? Only Cattle!!! Marriages and relationships are short lived of late just because we are not bold enough to take our own stands or even for the minor reasons that it’s trending. Going through with weddings because everyone said it’s going to be okay. A few days latter, there is no sign of a marriage. A breakup before the first year is over.

We are too focused in moving forward that sometimes we do not take time to consider under what circumstances are we moving in that direction or under what forces are we moving in that direction. However, it’s not in all cases that we move so under bad forces or negatively, No. Most of the times that we regret decisions, it’s probably because we were or we still are moving in the wrong direction, or under some sort of negative pressure. Regretting wives and husbands, graduates who hold the wrong papers, people in the wrong career, partners in the wrong hands – relationships and all the others. The good thing is, painful or not, the tick infested cattle get cleaned off their ticks and the clean ones that “happened” to get into the crush, will get covered and prevented from infestation. In this case, it will be a case of a lesson learnt. For others a wake up call. Maybe I was headed in the wrong direction after all. Guess it’s time to turn back before it’s too late, or change my herd after all.
Cattle Dip Mentality

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