Baby Dumped

I was sitted at the end of the pew on Sunday; I got myself wandering in thought. I had attended another television service before attending this regular mass. I was thinking about Joyce Meyer’s sermon about discipline and obedience. Particularly when a No is a no. I was trying to think about the things I have promised myself to change and up until now I haven’t done anything significant towards that course. So looking everywhere, I saw two small kids, probably not less than their 5th month since they started walking.
One was a girl and the other was a boy. The girl was slightly younger. As they were playing, the boy happened to trip and fall. I believe I was the only one who was watching from my perspective. But the boy started whining, that low growl that kids who wanna start crying let out. The girl bent over, to check on the boy. But the boy continued crying. The girl started walking away and the boy went on crying. So I got thinking. It really is a defined curve that no lady will tolerate a cry baby. Assume the tears. Crying in respect to softness of situations. To be frank if that would have been my son; I would have given him a bit of a thrashing. This is because for one that fall was not a fatal one, it wasn’t even close to a serious one. Then to make the matters worse, the kid was not yet the age of embarrassment, so we can’t say it’s because of some bit of embarrassment that the boy started crying.
What followed later was even more dramatic. It may be because I am CB or it’s my age and view of life. I just avoided applying that in my current age bracket and situations in that bracket. The boy realizing he had captured nobody’s attention lifted himself up shut his up and went to look for whoever they had come to church with. This is not the first time I saw a boy gather themselves up and move on. My nephew knows when a fall is a fall and when an accident is an accident. But it took this boy quite a long time to realize that. My nephew will cry only if you show him that you feel for him. But he will hit the floor, partake a moment of silence then continue with whatever he was doing, but start apologizing and soothing him, and you will sooth a full blown cry baby for over 10 minutes.  First aid is always given. But as long as you don’t show him softness, he won’t cry.  The little girl at church did not play any other games with that particular boy, and she decided instead to take solo walks along the isles and at the stage. You don’t want to be playing with someone who is too slow to respond and recover after a fall. I am sure if that potential lady goes on with life with such self instilled and natural principles; she will have a great life with lesser whiners like some of us do. It’s so real and true.
Life’s lessons start at an early age. These kids woke me to that part of reality that I had long forgotten. Life hands you what it has got in store for you. What you deserve. It will not sympathize, it will not compromise, it doesn’t have soft spots to favor anyone or any situation, neither will it be there to watch you wail over the various challenges that it hands you to strengthen you. But if you chose to be soft, it will leave you there, walk away, and let you wait for you to realize what’s real and what’s not real, and then maybe you can stand up and move on.
Baby Dumped

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