Stupid Emotions!

After a lovely day at work and school, it was another evening that seemed to end well. Among the weird occurrences was a true weather forecast at least for the past I don’t know when, actually I never paid attention to weather forecasters. Today they said it would rain. Thunderstorms. It did at the time they forecast it by the way. And I got rained on as well
I took my time off my evening writing schedule to chat with my friend Liam who we haven’t talked in a while. He was just from the war front in Somalia and we had this ‘Vietnam like’ war chit chat for a few minutes before we engaged full force into the world of women. It always is the major topic to discuss. Only that this time round instead of talking about the number of women we have drafted* since we last met, how we met them, and how long we planned on keeping them on that capacity (Publishing* capacity), This one was a serious talk and actually Liam was driving it. It went on the emotional direction. He was confused about some issue that was really nagging him but he made a joke about a friend of ours who made two girls pregnant at the same time, and he still had a live in girlfriend with a kid, coz that still doesn’t qualify for a wife.
So we talk and talk and keep making fun of the human heart in terms of feelings. He started by asking me if I love Mercy. “Like totally? Really???” . I told him yeah with an eerrrr . . . yeah, I then gave him my story. Shortest longest story ever. Then he said that was sweet. From a guy like him if he said it, he totally meant the opposite. Considering the circumstances. So he told me his story.
I was also trying to redesign this blog but it never seems to appear right, that is, as I want it. The fonts were okay but the theme and background was yet to agree. I ended putting up a flame as my background in a basic black theme. Fast forward to bed time, this exactly the mood that arose. A fight with Mercy. Back to now
So the love stories went on and on and on. It was a weird scene since we never had a heart oriented conversation it had always been dees* and aces* before. All this time we were at the comfort of a war – strategy PS-3 game at Galatec. It was nice to defeat enemies, virtually and even in reality. That soldierly feeling 😉
Time came for me to go home. I always cherished this moment where I could go pick Mercy then we would pass through the supermarket, pick our shopping then head home. The evening was pretty uneventful just that I was unusually hyper and happy. An uncle used to tell us that when you are so happy you are bound to come down. As a kid this was true because usually the excitement could misguide you to a misbehavior of sorts, or a small mishap that always left you crying. As an adult, hmmm lemmi see, it gets you losing focus, then you make a blunder, blah blah . . .  I went ahead with my shower, then took to my laptop and continued working.
I took some time replying to some mails I had not wound up. She insisted I get to bed and finish what was remaining in her company. I did not have a reason to refuse and I did just that. Just as I was passing through tomorrows program, a call came in and she went on to pick it. Some few seconds into the conversation it turned out like one of those courtship calls we do all the time. WTF! I wasn’t hearing ‘My’ Mercy’s voice. It was totally changed. She was all soft and reached the giggling stage. By then I thought I knew her well and it could only be one guy. Her immediate ex. To me that’s an insult. Being the weird guy CB is, my breath started getting shallower, (Kinda like jealousy or anger) damn how I hate this! But they could not parable-ise the conversation enough and I heard them discuss the relationship in my presence. I could not believe this. It’s not even a day since the best relationship critic Liam questioned my love for Mercy, that I get smeared in the face with my life’s top disgust. Egg in face scenario, Mercy allowed this guy in between us and she broke my heart, then she got broken so he – ex, broke two hearts. Talk of direct and indirect costs (I did my Financial Accounting paper today and that Cost Accounting question had 20 marks) then she tolerates that crap in bed beyond our normal time for social calls.
. . .  Phew. So here is where the flame comes in and the black theme. I was burning up and falling down a deep black and endless void. I was falling and falling, mud, more muck, That is what I had recreated of my evening. What you visualize you realize. It’s in The Secret. I ended up giving the shortest, lethal most lecture I ever gave a female specie. Yeah. We always keep saying that we shouldn’t make Tom pay for what Jim did, but this CB won’t play Tom for the sake of enriching historical reference. Never.
Watch this space.
First things first, changing that theme first, I enjoyed it while it lasted. Where else would I have gotten this negspiration*.
Its randomites yes, I know!
Stupid Emotions!

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