Student Excitement.

To me the college feeling is in a class of over 80 and more than 10 others of within the same capacity. I have been in a class of more than 50 students but not as large as this one. I have slightly over 80 classmates. I use ‘over’ due to the fact that I cannot seem to count everybody, and again the number keeps fluctuating. Again at this age a lot of the youngsters still think this as an upgraded version of high school. The freedom that they were deprived off is yet to apply itself in a mature form. No offence. So we even find ourselves in a class of as little as 20. It doesn’t matter much anyway.  But it would be important to note that I was previously of a class of 7. Those classes where most come with cars and loosen their ties as they enter the class and ladies come in with chopped kales and other ingredients (Psst…, Those ‘designer’ sacks you drag around sometimes are just not big enough, we do see inside – involuntarily) for their dinner(Part time Program)
My engineering class was of about 50 students. We were initially 53 but they dropped to 49. It became unmanageable. But we only had four ladies. Four ladies! Can you imagine that ratio? So now I land in a class where the ratio is genuinely 4:1. Who wouldn’t be excited by such a ratio? Okay maybe the ladies. But I have noted it pleases them a bit as well to play spectators to the little scandals that are brought about by the petty competition in the house. This being a crash course, the workload is too much that nobody enjoys the leisure of storytelling, the lecturers that is. Unless the Law class since cases are inevitable. But in my engineering class where you would have expected 99% seriousness, there was nothing of the sort and we could tell and retell stories till the classes ended.
Here it’s different. My ultimate dream class set up. It real by the way but am talking on a dream turned reality point of view. Day 1 I get to class and I perform a quick scan of the class. The class was 7 floors up. The windows overlooked the great Flamingo “Pink” Lake Nakuru and the busy streets below. I decided against that coz I wouldn’t concentrate.  Lie) it was too in front. I feel uncomfortable having people behind me. I would always be fantasizing with that lake view. So I crossed that off my list of possible sitting positions. Next was the right wall, that I couldn’t also  make since it was already booked. The center was too crowded and last but not least the back. . . Perfect position! I never gave the door my back. Not even in a restaurant. And if I do, not for more than a minute. So I pick a position 2 meters from the door at the extreme rear where there is a life-sized window acting as my wall and backrest. (Wall to the main corridor) 😉
From this view I am just at the right position from the cooling system just in case. Then again I have a view of the lake. Yeah, I can still see it from my position without the need of overstretching my neck. As in it would appear normal even if I was to stare in that direction. Then I feel secure. I can see who comes through the door even before he realizes somebody has seen them get to that door. Among the cheeky reasons why I chose this position is the fact that I get to be greeted by everybody who comes into the class after me, (do not forget am the new student) and I get to see everybody in the class. Yeah. Everybody. This made my popularity rise amazingly within two days that convinced the rest of the class I had been in that position since the beginning of that semester. Then we have the glass wall behind my back . . . Am sorry ladies but I do check out everything, from the dress code, to the hair do, to the walking style, to your choice of male company to your anatomy. That’s just CB. Guys as well. The definition of maturity is not far from reach. I just need to turn my head and see the things we guys do and how we do them. I love college life!!! Remember the ratio we ‘derived’ (Stat) above . . . yeah another reason as to why. The ladies. I have been into ladies ever since my Grade 6 ‘girlfriend’ realized I was too humble to be a boyfriend. I realized I could use this humility as my strength. It’s my shining star!!!
So this is how within a week I have transformed from being the silent newcomer to ‘Chris B must die. . .’ 
To be continued.
Student Excitement.

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