A soldier’s prayer.

Oh God you have given me,

The task & responsibility
Of protecting the people of our country,
Its territory and its heritage.
 It’s much more dangerous & frustrating task.
 Give me the courage & resolution
At all times to do my duty
Give such love and respect
For peace & justice.
That neither promise nor threat
Will ever make me depart from it.
Help me in a real sense
To be the guardian and friend
Of the whole nation.
A parent to the children,
A role model to the youth.
A counselor & advisor to all citizens.
Grant me the skill, wisdom and strength
I need to defend, fight off, capture
The enemies of our territories,
And to keep him from executing his misdeeds
And give me all the times the serenity
To know when to defend and to attack,
When to relax the letter of command.
Help me be an individual example of honesty,
Goodness and justice
Which is my duty to maintain
A soldier’s prayer.

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