Heaven & After Life

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Heaven & Hell. . .
Do they really exist? To some extent they do some they Don’t but only illusion-ally. That’s just CB.
I think heaven & hell exists in our thoughts. Its what we make them to be. We live what we believe. We experience what we believe & make of the environment around us. Hell fire if we do wrong, we are told of this endless suffering. Like what happens today if I was to rape a lady strange to me? If I was to be caught the law would be on me. I wouldn’t like the repercussions, or would you? Assuming I was smart enough not to get caught, I wouldn’t live through the guilt! Right there I created myself a hell. I get to pay right here!
If I was to do good, not even for the thought of a supreme being watching over, but just for the sake or for the nature of my being, the good would come right back at me! I wouldn’t give a perfect enough act but you all know them out there, what goes around comes around. Enough said.

What do you think about heaven and hell as a state of the mind?

Live as you want/ feel, but right there is your heaven or your hell. Its what you make it. Blunders of the body will get the body punished, blunders of the mind will get the mind punished, and so is the soul. In life we meet different people in different and difficult life situations, some happy others not. This cycle is different & difficult to understand. I am not blaming anyone with all due respect but who knows what they’ve been doing for their life? There is no action depository, in “my world” your heaven or hell is right here.
Maybe we have lived another life or we haven’t, either way, sometimes I think we are paying or getting paid for a life we lived, or worse depending on your attitude, we are investing in a life we are yet to live!

That is when we die and are reborn, we will come back as returns on investments we made or are making in this life. Whichever point you are in your life is part of a greater thing, its an exchange of sorts. We get to experience both heaven and hell under control.

Its God’s love.
O what think you? That’s mine . . .
Only a random CB thought.

Heaven & After Life

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