Upgrade & Swap – Change.

China has always been an inspiration. I have been watching the Chinese in construction projects & my mind started thinking . . . In the sense that I started comparing their style of construction in relation to life especially the parts where there was replacement involved. Its a crazy one.

We will begin with somewhere I never have been. . . Hong Kong. (Documentary)

Hong Kong Airport
The new Hong kong Airport was reclaimed from the sea, they flattened Islands and filled sections of water mass with rock & soil to create land. The previous airport was small & had been surrounded by skyscrapers over the years posing risk to the inhabitants & the passengers themselves.
They built a new airport miles away from the old one.

They did not close the old airport until the new one was finished, but when it was completed, they moved & never looked back!!!

HongKong “Highway”

To connect the mainland to this new airport,they had to build effective roads to enable efficient transit of people & cargo to & from the city. One of these roads needed some sort of expansion.but they couldn’t do it like Our “Thika Road”. Instead of expanding, they built another road on top of the old one. But they both did the job, & perfectly for that matter.
Two roads both functioning perfectly!!!

Seen & Experienced
Back Home

 Laikipia Airbase Runway.
The old tarmac runway was getting old & risky for the planes that were using it.
It had to be replaced. Totally replaced!!!
They demolished the old tarmac runway in sections. In the same way they built the new concrete runway in sections.
Destroy & Build.
Eject & Replace!!!

Should you be sharp enough,you have a glimpse of what I’m trying to put across.

The Estate Lights.
The same contractors had to install new street lights within the estate. The old ones were totally dysfunctional.
This one was a different approach. They did the wiring for the new lights while totally ignoring the existence of the old, rusted & useless lampposts.
After all the work was done, & the new lights ready to start their designation, the old ones faced their sendoff, & they were removed & disposed, waiting for their recycle.

Change is inevitable, (you can imagine I had to make a single status update appear a long story. ..) Busy Idleness…

In life we have situations, jobs, people & various other things that get our life rolling. Once in a while we get fed up with them, or their purpose gets stale, or their efficiency gets put out. In these various aspects, change has to occur somehow & its in those various ways that I was comparing to come up with this. The thought of it was just amazing.

Some jobs cant just be quit, you have to step with one foot while the rest is on your current one for you never know what will happen. Sometimes you just have to step on the two jobs at the same time. But as usual one will be serving a greater purpose &/ taking up more time than the other.

It comes to a point where we have to replace people in life. Be it in the office, at your company, a class master, a commander, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, wifey or hubby. Whenever it comes to people, mostly feelings are involved, ( I haven’t liked firing anyone so far) but it has to be done. I wont elaborate much coz in people & relationships its self explanatory & in some parts “Infidelity” is involved ie the “Hong Kong Highway” so you gotta fill it in for yourself. Am not a specialist at that so that’s another’s responsibility. ;~)

Whenever change is due,we all have a duty to think which would be the best way to initiate that change. Some methods are more effective than others. When it comes to people, we have to chose methods which wont get others or even ourselves hurt & destroy ourselves in the process…
After all its out with the old & in with the better new.

Upgrade & Swap – Change.

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