Happens all the Time.

It’s hard to believe that you might fall in love with someone who has the intentions of hurting you, but the truth is that it happens all the time.
The people who use your love to get what they want from you are called “*~# -/!\?&@” . Before they get you in their clutches, they shower you with love and affection, but once they have you enmeshed in their webs, their black – widow natures emerge.
There are tell tales that will or might help you spot various manipulations and you might avoid getting involved with them.
Here are some of the questions you might need to ask yourself, I tried.
Do your friends like him or her? Almost 100% of the time, your friends will hate this guy or gal, but they may not feel comfortable warning you. When you are in the initial throes of love, it’s very difficult for friends to tell you anything negative about your new paramour. And if they did try to warn you, the chances are good that you would not listen.
Does the new person you are dating like your friends? Almost 100% of the time. The romantic con will not like your friends. In fact, this type of person will try to turn you against your friends; although too subtle to say anything directly, the “romantic con” will lace his or her conversation with innuendo designed to sour your friendships.
Does this person in your life encourage you to spend time with your family & friends? A true romantic con will expend great effort to separate you from your friends, family, children, loved ones – anyone who is important to you. In-fact, this question is probably the most important one to ask about your relationship. The con wants to isolate you from anyone who can help you clear your head or act as an objective listener. Remember: the con divides and conquers, all “in the name of love”
Do you know where your partner’s money comes from? A con will likely show you the money, but you will probable never know where it comes from. If you ask an explanation, you will most likely hear long tale of sounds – too – good – to – be – true investments. The con is trying to impress you with cash independence. Liars will try to convince you that they have all the resources you need – that you Don’t need anyone else but them. Once again, the old fence – you – off, divide – and conquer, reel you in, and control you master plan is at work.
But gradually, the money will begin to come from you. As soon as romantic cons realize that their very expensive psychological tricks are working, they will start spending more time away from you. They are already scouting around for the next mark, just in case you wake up and cut them off from your money.
Are they willing to supply you with details you can verify? Liars avoid describing their pasts or their personal lives; they rarely provide details that you could verify or introduce you to their friends and relatives. They want you to know very little about their past because it is checkered with people (like you) whom they have manipulated. Chances are you are not the first.
Do they have any areas of expertise? Romantic liars always try to dazzle you with who, what, and how much they know. It may look like they know a great deal, but if you look deeper you will probably discover that they only know a few trivial facts about many subjects. Liars talk a lot but actually say very little…
Is it hard to predict whether your partner will show you affection, verbally chastise you, or physically attack you? This sort of confusion, part of the liar’s master plan, is designed to act on you the way brainwashing works on prisoners of war. The more confused about the relationship, the more you may feel your partner needs you. In the beginning your relationship will be marked by Love Attack Strikes – Love at every turn. Gradually, verbal abuse will creep in among the declarations of love. Physical assault is often the next step, but you may be tempted to stay because you think there is love between you…
I managed to convince myself that there are constructive break ups & destructive breakups, Constructive & destructive heartbreaks as well. If I could put an equals sign at the beginning of this stuff. . . It would be the end of a sum of a constructive nature. . .
To be cont…
No Politics Allowed. You know what I mean. Again am advising no one. Just a by-product of a crazed heart n mind.
Happens all the Time.

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