Captain C.B

Captain CB took his seat in the cockpit of the giant Airbus A380, greeting his flight officers with an easy grin.

“How was your day off?” his flight engineer called out.
Terrific CB said. . . He thought of his day with her.
Pressing his transmit button, he asked Departure Control for permission to start his engines. Acknowledged and permission granted. He began pulling switches with his First Officer and the Jumbo Rumbled to Life. The noise increasing as the engines gained more energy.
The A380 trundled towards its appropriated runway taking its place in the queue behind the other waiting aircraft. The jumbo, weighing over 500 tons and fully loaded quivered with unreleased power.
C.B wiped the moisture from his forehead as he waited for the command from the control tower to get his aircraft moving. As always, it was a relief when the order came. The thrust from the four giant engines pushed him back in his seat and the Jumbo rolled down the runway, gathering speed by the second.
After 8,000ft he was able to ease back on the stick and bring the nose up, allowing the four main bogies to take up all the weight, then the huge clumsy beast was off the ground, gaining height, an impossible spectacle, but a triumph to mans ingenuity. Thanks to the Wright Brothers.
The Crew Breathed their sighs of relief as the A380 Circled the Airport in an effort to increase height. There was always that tense moment when they wondered if the monster would rise or flop back to the ground, despite their years of experience that told them the former would inevitably be true…

CB smiled as he eased back on the seat & his thoughts drifted to how it had all began with a crazy ambition back on the slopes of Mt. Kenya as a young class 6 boy . . .
A mild frown of well represented disappointment came over him for those friends who spent the better part of their life together trying to convince him he couldn’t do it.

But he had done it.

Captain C.B

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